Mar 15, 2017

Anime Review: Ling Qi / Spiritpact

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...who is still following this blog even though I haven't updated it in nearly 2 years. I have no excuse other than - well, things happened, life did its things and now it has been two years. Anyways I finally found my calling...nah, not gonna happen that soon ;) I just found something I want to seriously blog about and it is Anime and Manga. If you wanna see outfits and snippets of my daily life you can follow me on instagram under @usaginoalice. Here you will only find anime-related stuff from now on. And because I am in a good mood I will torme...amuse you with my first review. Here goes~

LING QI / SOUL CONTRACT / SPIRITPACT (2016) [Haoliners Animation League]

The show is a Chinese anime about Yang Jinghua (You Keika in the Japanese Version) who is a descendant of famous exorcists but lives in poverty now. This life soon ends after he is run over by a truck and finds himself as a ghost. Thinking he now has the chance to be reborn into a better life he encounters the handsome whitehaired Duanmu Xi (Tanmoku Ki) who wants to form a pact with Yang Jinghua.

STORY: 5/10
I have to say I really enjoyed watching this anime both in Chinese and Japanese but even though the story had so much potential it didn't really live up to it. The creators touched so many stories but on the way they seem to have dropped half of them and forgot to execute the other half properly. Sometimes I got the feeling that story development was cut short just to put in some fanservice. For example, Yang Jinghua is threatening Duanmu Xi, throws him on a bed and somehow it turned into a scene straight from a BL anime. Also the purpose of the main story was only slightly revealed at the end of the show and I still don't really get it. They laid out so many clues to something that still has to be revealed in another season? I am really way to confused~

Why did that happen? O.o Most sexy way of threatening someone x"D
ART: 5/10
Well, what should I say. It was not horrible but it also wasn't the best, I would say it was standard. As it is a Chinese anime I am not to hard on it as Chinese anime don't have that long of a history. Still sometimes it was hard to watch it as a recent anime. The execution was way to sloppy at times. It didn't feel like an anime from 2016 in that department.

Weeee~ll, I liked them. I have to say I really liked them even though they had too many flaws to count. There was character development but at times I didn't even know where that came from. Especially the attachment that Duanmu Xi had with Yang Jinghua - where was the development here? One moment they are bickering and seconds later they are so close. That said, even though the characters were all over the place I somehow grew to like them really much. Though I would have loved them to be more deep and get a better development because everything was there but all over the place.

Yep, 7points from are reading that correctly. Even though this anime had so so many flaws and there is way too much room for improvement I couldn't wait for the next episode to come out because I wanted to know how the story developed. I also hope that there will be another season. I grew to love the characters somehow even though they are terribly written, but because I can see the potential of this story my rating is so high.

Therefore, if you don't mind a story that is all over the place, lovable characters with "mysterious" (as in "What did happen just now?") character developments and a tiny bit of Shonen-Ai you should have a look at the first episode. You can watch the anime at crunchyroll.

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