Jun 3, 2015

Princess May OR my camera dislikes me x"D

Hello sweeties <3

I actually wanted to have my new video up already some weeks ago but after I was busy with life my camera decided it would just not take videos longer than 30 seconds anymore >.< I apparently need a bigger SD-card to make it work properly again *sighs* So at first I have to find the right SD-Card that doesn't cost me a fortune but still works *argh* Anyways, I was not lazy the last weeks and did quite a lot of things :3 Here are some outfits I wore during the last couple of weeks...and hopefully I am able to upload my next video soon...I have everything planned already...I only need my camera to work *hehehe*

Birthday Outfit - Salon de The Rose <3
For my birthday I invited my friends to Bruchsal and later we went to our favourite Japanese Restaurant together. And I was finally able to wear this beauty out *-* I bought it directly in Japan at Angelic Pretty and actually I only wanted to try it on, see that it wouldn't fit me and go on with my life...BUT well, it fit and I fell in love with it xD 

The whole Coord is Angelic Pretty except for the shoes (Bodyline) and the accessories (Primark, Justfab, H&M)~

Kind of Old School in Lavender~
Around 2 weeks ago my parents visited us in Freiburg and for this occassion I wanted to wear something relatively simple as my parents are not used to me wearing Lolita. Also as we had many things planned for that day I wanted to wear something comfy...and the dress I got from my dear friends for my birthday was the perfect choice :3 I saw the dress at the Baby-store in Osaka and fell in love instantly and I was the happiest girl when my friends told me they are going to give it to me for my birthday...Love you guys so much <3

OP+Headdress: Baby the Starst shine bright
Tights: H&M
Socks: Tutuanna
Shoes: Antaina
Bag: Loris

Picnic at Monrepos
Last Sunday we had our monthly meet-up at castle Monrepos. and what better way to spend a nice spring day than to have a picnic. I am glad that so many gorgeous ladies and gentlemen attended *-* Having so many nice people attend the meet-ups you organized is the biggest praise in my opinion.

OP: Baby the Stars shine bright
Blouse: Dear Celine
OTK: Innocent World
Shoes: JustFab
Wristcuffs: Baby the Stars shine bright
Roses: Rococo Soul
Two-Way-Clip: Vanillas Traumfabrik

Can't wait for the long weekend *_* 4 days that are hopefully filled with loads of sightseeing, maybe a new video-upload and meeting some people :3

What are your plans? Do you also have a long weekend? In Germany we have a holiday tomorrow (at least the catholic parts xD) and on Friday most people take the day of. :3

Have an awesome day <3



  1. What lovely scenery for taking outfit shots! Your headdress in the last pic is amazing!

    { }

    1. Thank you :) Actually these are only roses and hairclips put together on my head x"D

  2. Hey ^--^

    bin schon gespannt auf das neue Video, aber keinen Stress wegen der SD Karte XD

    Schöne Outfits mal wieder ^--^ besonders gut gefallen mir das Erste und Dritte :). Btw alles Gute nachträglich ;3
    Dein Make Up auf dem letzten Bild ist sehr niedlich ^_^

    Liebe Grüße