May 28, 2013

Yet another haul...this time with fancy pictures xD

Hello sweeties <3

yes, you are reading right: Here comes another haul. As you know I was ordering many things on ebay lately and most of them already arrived at my place which is really fast imo. Usually when ordering from ebay it takes much longer for goods to arrive at my place ^^" I am just cursed like that *haha*

On Friday I received the Liole BB Creme -Beyond the Solution. I only tried it on my hand and there is no difference to the Triple the Solution (that I totally loved) in my opinion ^^b I also received the Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher. The package is so cute and the color is gorgeous :3

And I tried to make my pictures look a little bit more fancy xD

I also received some samples with my order :3 Can't wait to try them ^^

These pretty things also found their way into my posession :3 The Anna Sui perfume (Forbidden Affair) and the Blush (Bella Bamba froM Benefit) were birthday presents from my lovely girls. The Tangle Teezer just had to come into my posession as everyone was raving about it and the Sweet Recipe Base is from ebay (again xD)~

The blush has such a pretty shade and the pigmentation is awesome *O* You can't see it on the picture but it also has glitter in it <3 I love the flask of this perfume *O* Really romantic and just down my alley...reminds me of the Ruby Red books....that I still need to read >.>"

The packaging of the Berry Chou Base is sooooo adorable and the product itself is really smooth and the smell is so nice ^^b As I already said in an earlier post: The holy grail of makeup bases :3

There sre still some things on their way to my home. It so happened that I also placed an order at Douglas...again xD I will definitely make another haul post ;) Please tell me if you want me to review any of the products mentioned in my post :)

Have a nice day my lovelies <3



  1. Ich wart jetzt bald nen Monat dass meine Base kommt. Grmpf.

    1. Wo hast du die bestellt? Bei mir war die echt fix da O.o

  2. Hallo Alice Chan^^

    Tolle Produkte. Ich bin auch an der Base von The Etude House^^
    Vielleicht hol ich mir die auch.
    Die Produkte von dem Label haben auch immer so eine suesse Verpackung :3
    Wie ist es denn auf der Haut? Die meisten Makeup Base sind ja so Silikonlastig.. Das mag ich nicht :/
    Ich gehe mal davon aus das ist bei diesem Produkt anders.

    Lg, Jade

    1. Hallihallo :)

      Die BAse ist echt toll...wie gesagt mein heiliger Gral. MAn kann die auch ohne Foundation echt gut tragen weil die das Gesicht einfach schön ebenmäßig macht ohne irgendwie komisch auszusehen. Ich mach für die Arbeit meist nur Puder udn Blush drüber und bin fertig~ Ich find sie auch net merkt sie gar net auf dem Gesicht ^^ Von mir gibts ne absolute Kaufempfehlung :)

      LG <3