May 9, 2013

Hanami 2013

Hello sweeties <3

Like last year I helped Vanilla (please also visit her on facebook <3) with her jewellery booth at the Hanami. Only this time we had the help of Emilielynn and koo-chan ^^v Although our booth wasn't placed at the best of spots we sold plenty of things *yay* ^^v As we were four people we also got the chance to have a good look around the convention and so it happened that we met many totally awesome cosplayers, a really cute Japanese girl and we got the chance to see the DCM *more yay* It was an awesome weekend and at the end I didn't want to leave ^^" I love my girls so much <3
Meet Amy ;) She kinda turned into our mascot *hihi*

On Sunday we had Lucky bags ^^
Vanilla prepared chocolaty cake things and also glittery pastel things...and of course Oreo necklaces <3

The cute shopgirls <3 <3 <3
Day 1:
Captain Hammer and Dr Horrible <3

Bane <3 and Doctor 11 and 10 <3 <3

Also met two timelords and of course Aaaaaamyyyy xD

Cute shopgirls again <3 <3 <3

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

JSK: Metamorphose - Blouse: BtSsb - Bow: Meta - Shoes: Bodyline - Socks: Baby - Roses: H&M + Claire's - Crown: Claire's - Necklace: Meta

Day 2:
I met 3 princesses ;)

Kandaaaaaaaa <3 <3 <3 This was a really great cosplay...saw one without the "right hair"...can you even call it cosplay when you have short blond hair instead of long black? O.o Like imo this does not work at all >.<

JSK/Socks/Headbow: Baby - Shoes: Bodyline - Blouse: Meta - Hat: Ergi (borrowed it from koo-chan ^o^) Necklace: Meta

Fufufufu~ my new roommate <3 koo-chan bought Kotetsu from the same series...we decided we both have to buy one as Tiger and Bunny only come as a pair ;) [Blurry picture is blurry X.x]

What was the last convention you visited? Do you like going to conventions?

Have a nice day~



  1. Awww toll <3 Ihr saht toll aus und ich finds schön, dass du Jessy getroffen hast :D Habt ihr euch dafür extra verabredet?

    1. Naja, ich hab ihr ja das Powder Rose riesig ist die Hanami auch gar net :)

  2. Vielen Dank Liebes *knuddel* Das WE mit dir und den beiden Mädels war sooo toll und ihr fehlt mir jetzt schon ;__; Ich feu mich schon auf das WE in 2 Wochen ^^v

    1. Du fehlst mir auch schon T^T Aber hey, in etwa einer Woche sehen wir uns zu meinem Gebu und danach bei Kerstins Gebu und dann komm ich bei dir am Tegernsee einfallen :3 *froi*

  3. Great pics! So cool:)

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  4. Thank you :)
    We had a lot of fun~

  5. XDDD Ich stand sogar noch an eurem Stand und hab dich nicht erkannt. X___X
    Aber toller Schmuck!

    1. Ach, das kann doch mal passieren xD In der Hektik~

  6. Du sahst beide Male so zauberhaft aus *o*