May 25, 2013

Swan Lake - Le Lac de Cygnes

Hello sweeties <3

I think it is time that I spoke about my love for the story of Odette who turned into a swan and met her prince. Sounds pretty crazy, right? But this is actually one of my favourite fairytales of all time. Whenever there is an adaption on TV, may it be the anime version, the ballet or even the Barbie version, I have to watch it. I loved the anime Kaleido Star because in the second season they performed a version of Swan Lake *haha* Hopefully I will get the chance to see the Russian state ballet performing it <3 Because the only real version of Swan Lake is dome by the Russion State Ballet...well, thats probably just my opinion *hahaha* But anyways, there are not only movies and a ballet about the story, there are even dresses for Lolitas to wear...and lucky me now posesses two dresses with this motif.

 As you know I received th Swan Lake JSK from Metamorphose from my dear friends as a birthday present <3 I also reserved the Pas de Deux in the Blue Moon Odette JSK from Baby at Closet Child and I will hopefully receive it next month :3
 The Meta JSK is a transformation wonder :3 You can take off the sleeves, the front part and all the bows and it looks like a totally different dress ;) And the print is so gorgeous~

 The details of the Baby JSK are so nice <3 And the print is really delicate...can't wait to receive that dress *_*

<3 <3 <3
Have a nice day my lovelies~


  1. Hey Du :)))

    Awwww~ das Kleid ist soooooo cute*O*

    Und ich finde das Maerchen mit de Schwan auch total toll! Habe ich als Kind geliebt. Und eigentlich mag ich Maerchen auch jetzt noch total gerne^.^

    Lg, Jade

    1. Hallihallo :)

      Ich liebe beide so sehr...obwohl ich eins ja noch gar net habe *haha*

      Ich glaub ich schaue heute gleich mal den Anime zu Schwanensee xD Ich glaub man hört nie auf Märchen zu lieben :3 Ist zumindest bei mir so...aber ich bin ja auch ne Prinzessin xD