May 6, 2013

Day 10 - Trainride to Tokyo / Akiba & Roppongi Hills

Hello sweeties <3

Day 10 of our Japantrip wasn't that interesting as we went back from Fukuoka to Tokyo via train and this took us nearly the whole day. After arriving at our hotel in Asakusa we showered and decided to take a detour to Akiba and later have something to eat at Roppongi Hills. Akiba was as loud and colorful as I remember it and Roppongi Hills was...well...kinda empty O.o It is such a big complex and there were only few people around...and this was kinda creepy imo xD"
Tokyo Tower seen from Roppongi Hills~
Something comfy for the train:
Tights/Shirt: H&M - Shorts: Orsay - Cardigan: H&M - Shoes: Deichmann - Belt: ebay - Camisole: J.Honeys - Headband: Claire's

Hotelroom in Tokyo...this time only with shower T^T But you could rent an I-Pad and I could finally update my status on facebook *haha*

Akiba~ Place for all Animelovers ;)
...the right place for us xD
Spider is too big *irks* Famous sculpture at Roppongi Hills xD
Fortunately it really was only a I am affraid of spiders xD"
Roppongi Hills - Mori thinks ^^"
Akiba und Roppongi Hills Outfit:
Dress/Skirt/Tights: H&M - Blouse: ebay - Shoes: New Yorker - Roses: Claire's - Beret: Metamorphose - Wig: Lockshop

Have a nice day and see you in part 11 <3


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  1. Irks O.o Ich hab zwar keine Angst vor normalen Spinnen, aber wenn so eine auf mich zu kommen würde, wäre das auch ne andere Sache XD