May 1, 2013

Japan Day 8 - Fukuoka

Hello sweeties <3

It is time for day 8 and another portion of my superb *coughs* English xDD Recently I feel my English is degenerating *haha* ^^" But well, Day 8 (Sunday, April 14th) started really slow as we only planned to visit Ohori Park and do some shopping. The weather was really great, we had 25 °C and the sun was shining...we really enjoyed our walk in the park although we didn't find it at first ^-^"""
While searching for Ohori Park we found this nice place <3

Our hotel looked like a sail.
Haha~ we finally found the park xD And I had to do a facebook-shot ^^"
Chillin in the sun ;)
It says "Please clean up the mess your dog made!" - I thought the picture is so funny xD The look on the guys face is so great *hihi*
There also was a gorgeous Japanese Garden near the park.
A perfect place to take a rest <3 <3 <3
We also went to the remains of the old castle and this is the view we had from there :)
I did some shopping at Liz Lisa and Baby the stars shine bright. At Liz Lisa I got a free towel because my purchase was over 12.000 Yen *yay* At Baby I bought Icing Dancing Cake in blue <3
And my OOTD:
Tights/Skirt: H&M - Shirt: Orsay - Camisole: J.Honeys - Cardigan: C&A - Accessories: Bijou Brigitte - Beret: Metamorphose - Shoes: Deichmann - Socks: Daiso

In the evening we went out to have some typical Fukuoka Ramen and I decided I would wear one of my Liz Liza finds <3
Shirt: Liz Lisa - Jeggings: H&M - Shoes: ABC Market - Accessories: H&M+Claire's

Night in Fukuoka ;)
I really have to say that I absolutely love is number 2 after Osaka because nothing can ever overcome my love for Osaka *hahaha*

Have nice day <3



  1. Hallo!!!
    Tolle Bilder *____*
    Ich werde von meiner Reise auch viiiiele Bilder machen und auf meinem Blog posten^^
    Vielleicht magst du dann auch mal vorbei schauen :)
    Deine Outfits gefallen mir sehr gut. Und wie schon gesagt, du hast ne tolle Haut!!! Ich habe leider immer mal wieder kleine Pickel oder ein bisschen roetliche Stellen :D
    Ich freue mich schon auf deinen naechsten Post (^.^)/
    Alles Liebe,

    1. Ich werd ja richtig rot bei so viel Lob für meine Haut ^///^ Ich hatte wohl einfach Glück damit *hihi*

      Ich werde auf jeden Fall vorbei schauen...Reiseposts lese ich immer sehr gern <3

  2. Deine beiden Outfits gefallen mir total gut <3 LL steht dir ausgezeichnet d^__^b Und da ich ja deine Btssb-Ausbeute schon live sehen durfte, freu ich mich weiter mit dir. Obwohl es nicht rosa ist, steht dir das Outfit sooo toll <3

    1. Danke <3 Leider passt mir von LL net alles...die Kleider zB sind nur für Stöcke ohne Oberweite gemacht T^T