May 21, 2013 got me again~

Hello sweeties <3

I really don't know what is happening with me recently. I want to post so many things but coming home from work I land in front of the PC and just watch some TV shows *hahaha* I am turning into a lazy bum *ohnoes* Well, to avoid that, I want to show you what I recently bought on ebay...because I nearly bought every makup from Douglas, Sephora and dm that I was craving for, I had to turn my attention to all the korean brands ;)
Liole BB Creme Beyond the Solution - I already tried the Triple the Solution BB Creme that is nearly the same as this one, only that it has a skin whitening effect. I thought I wouldn't need that as my skin is already really light. I bought it here and can't wait to get it <3

Etude Hose Sweet Recipe Chocolate Highlighter. Koo-chan was so nice to let me test it and I totally fell in love with it. Not only the packaging is gorgeous but also the effect it gives to your skin is really nice. I found it here :)
Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher - another recommendation from Koo-chan <3 Found here~
Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base in Berry Choux from Etude House. The holy grail of all makeup bases. Moistens your skin and makes it smooth even before you put your foundation on <3 Love it!!! Bought here~
Another holy grail is this blouse <3 Saw it in Koo-chans closet, tried it with my Sugar Pansy OP and ordered it on ebay as soon as I got the chance to do so :)

Can't wait to receive all the items <3 I really can only recommend everything ;) Thanks again to Koo-chan who let me dive into her makeup collection and try all the things out *chuuuuu*

Have a nice day my sweeties <3



  1. =_= ich weiß nicht ob ich mich schlecht fühlen soll oder freuen soll das ich dich zum kaufen von den tollen sachen verführt habe ....

    1. Also ich würde mich freuen :3 Sind tolle Sachen, die das Jana schöner machen *hehehe*

    2. xD Ich hab die Bluse in allen Farben bestellt... *hust* xD Taugt ja aber auch für die Arbeit, so ist es ja ned. ;)

    3. Ich überleg ob ich sie mir net auch in beige holen soll...weil Blusen kann man nie genug haben xD