Jun 2, 2013

Lime Crime

Hello sweeties <3

On Wednesday I met with Thi Lialin and her boyfriend to somewhat celebrate our birthday. As it is, her boyfriend is only 2 days older than myself and thus we went to have a nice meal at Kicho in Stuttgart. BUT this is not what I want to talk about ;) During this occasion Thi Lialin also gave me an awesome present from Lime Crime. Have a look :)

I also got some Japanese/Korean sweets <3 Can't wait to try the sweet potato chips *O*

Lime Crime's Palette d'Antoinette, Cherry on Top-Lipgloss and Lipstick in Centrifuscia <3

The colors are so gorgeous *_* I didn't really try it out yet but what I saw from Charismastars Antoinette tutorial the colors are really great on the lid and the pigmentation seems great as well ^^

I really try to use lipstciks more often and I am also trying to go for darker and opaque colors. Thus this color was on my wishlist as well :3 I love the package with the unicorn *_* The Lime Crime design kinda reminds me of Circus and Carnival xD

My first impression is that Lime Crime definitely is nothing for everyday makeup as it is really colorful. It is flamboyant and you are sure to be in the middle of all attention if using it - but sometimes you just need to go out there, right ;)

I will try to test it thoroughly and hopefully won't forget to make a review on our beauty blog ;D

I wish you a nice Sunday~



  1. I would love to have a look at those xD Awesome presents!!! ♡

    1. I was so surprised about the pallet as I already forgot that I even wanted it *ahahaha* The colors are so lovely~