Jun 14, 2013

Memories - a funny thing

Hello sweeties <3

It is a funny thing with memories - when time passes the "sparkle" they get grows bigger and bigger. Shortly after an event that might have been great the memory of it is, although fond, just a memory of a nice event. But looking back on things after years have past the memories begin to "sparkle" somewhat.  Sometimes over time our mind even adds little things that might not have happened during the real event and hence it grows even more special. 

The funny thing is sometimes I can't even distinguish what part of a memory is real and what part was made up by my mind - and I don't think that this makes me crazy in any way. It is funny, while in school I didn't particular like going to school are had fond feelings for the place but looking back after this time all I can think about is the good things and even the bad things aren't bad anymore. I am no psychologist so I don't know if there is a description for what I am trying to describe but I know that this happens to many people. We tend to put our past into a soft focus and put sparkles on it...and here we have the twosided sword. On one hand seeing the past as only good stops us from dwelling on the bad things, on the other hand we tend to run away from the present into thoughts of the "glorious" past.

And now, my readers, you might ask why the hell I am talking about this? Well, it was just a random thought that dropped into my mind this morning and I wanted to share it with all of you :3

I hope your day is as sunny as mine~



  1. Ich wage zu behaupten, dass dieses nachträgliche Erinnerungsverbessern eine Art Selbstschutz ist. Wir vergessen die schlechten Dinge nicht unbedingt, sondern packen sie ins Unterbewusstsein in den Karton "Gefahr" oder "Übel." Und damit nehmen wir das ganze Bäh-Zeug aus der aktiven Erinnerung und es bleibt die Bling-bling-glitzer-version zurück.

    Also das ist meine Theorie :D

    1. Wir verglorifizieren die Vergangenheit...wie gesagt ich finde das nicht durchweg schlecht aber andererseits kann man den Blick für die Gegenwart so verlieren ^^" Unsere Erinnerungen sind schon was seltsames...ich könnte ganze Seiten mit meinen Gedanken dazu füllen und käme doch nie zu einer Erklärung...irgendwie XD