Jun 12, 2013

New things make my heart sing~

Hello sweeties <3

I am seriousely addicted to shopping xDD Sometimes it really annoys me how much I am buying but on the other hand new things make me every girl might know, when times are tough you go shopping and it somewaht lifts your spirit, am I right? Although I think this is a bad habit I often can't stop myself entirely ;) As happend during the last 2 weeks. Here is what I got for myself~
As my old mobile fell down one time to often I had to get a new one. As you can see I bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 (mine is red though) and a matching cover <3 I think it is so awesomely cute <3 I bought it at this ebay store :)

 You can never have enough blouses. As the pink blouse I already have doesn't suit my style so much anymore I bought this cute blouse...also at ebay ;)

And as a Lolita you can't have enough white blouses...I found this beauty, you might already guess, at ebay :)

Can't wait to receive these babys <3

What did you recently buy?

Have a nice and sunny day everyone~



  1. Tolle Sachen *^*
    Die Phonecase gefällt mir sooo gut *_*

    1. In das Phonecase habe ich mich auch sofort verliebt :3

  2. Very cute items! I'm curious about your new blouses *.* they look really pretty (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

    1. I can't wait to get the phonecase *_* It looks so cute, hopefully it also is cute irl xD