Jun 24, 2013

7 things~

Hello sweeties <3

It is Monday again and you know what that means - I will post about 7 great things that happened last week :)

1. Had Korean food with my colleagues on Wednesday.
2. Nearly every day was sunny last week <3
3. Received my first Pink Box after some misunderstandings on my side...will post about that later :3
4. Helped Cassiya to find a gorgeous wedding dress~
5. Played Mario Party with Milky Rose and Pea after what felt like forever <3
6. Met my girls on Saturday <3 <3 <3
7. FINALLY watched The Crow and love it *O* I wanted to watch that movie for like soooo long and never got the chance *sighs* Already knew the TV show with Marc Dacascos and the move ignited my love for Eric Draven again <3

Hope you have a great start into this week~



  1. Das sind aberschöne Sachen, die du aufgezählt hast <3 Und ja, ich bin ein bissarl neidisch XD Liegt aber eher daran, dass ich grad so niedergeschlagen bin, weil Schatz wieder weg is *seufz*

    1. Danke <3 Net neidisch sein *flausch* Wir kommen dich bald alle besuchen und dann kannst du auch ganz viele tolle Sachen aufzählen <3

      Aber ich versteh dich *knuddel*