Aug 30, 2013

Storage Part 2 - Make-Up Galore

Hello sweeties <3

Some posts ago I showed you how I store my accessories, now I want to show you how I store my make-up. To store my makeup I am not only using random boxes and other trinkets that I found in decoration stores - I actually bought a vanity at ikea to store my stuff :)

Okay, I am also using random boxes to store stuff as not everything fits into the drawer of my vanity ^^"

On the left I have to storage boxes from Ikea where I store all my lotions that I didn't use yet. In front of that I have three pencil holders that I use for storing lipglosses, Mascaras and Eyeliner etc. Also found at Ikea and Yves Rocher~ Below the desk I have a moveable container. Here I store my makeup bags and other useful tools (nailpolish remover, Q-Tips etc.)

In the middle of my desk I have a empty pink box where I store the products I use on a daily basis like powders, concealer. My foundations I store in an extra container ^^

 Make-Up bases and Make-Up remover and the container besides that holds my foundations *coughs* Bought this cute thing at the post office. I store my brushes in a random cup I am not using for drinks anymore. I put a nice fabric around so it matches the theme of my room better ^^

On the right I keep my eyeshadow pallets in a box I found at Ikea (who would have thought xD). Besides that is my mirror and some body and hair sprays. And yep, roses everywhere XD This is it for the top of my desk...yes, I do have more...should I be embarrased? ^^"

Right side of my drawer. Loose eyeshadows, blushes, highlighters and samples. To divide each "section" I am using random boxes again. You don't need to buy expensive things to keep everything in order :)

Middle part of my drawer. Lipsticks and nailpolishes. I should stop hording things...I only have one face *ahahaha*

Left side of the drawer holds just random things...that I don't use too often like the curlers ^^"

How do you store your makeup? Are you a horder like me or does your makeup collection fit into your bathroom?

Have a nice afternoon and great start into the weekend~



  1. OMG how much do you own *___* I don't buy much make up because I nearly only wear the same color (pink xD) so I think always "you have enough pink there aren't so many shades" xD But I'm a hoarder when it comes to lipsticks and lipglosses, I can't have enough from them!!

    1. Well, although I am only wearing mostyl light colors I try to vary my make up and all the naked/nude colors are really great for work :)

      I am a horder when it comes to make-up *haha* I can't wait for new LEs to come out because this means I can get new things *haha*

  2. omg so many things O_O !
    So far I always stored my make-up in bathroom, but it gets broken so often there, because of tiles on the ground and my bf around =D .
    ..but I have to say, that since I´m living in Germany, I started to buy unusualy big amount of eyeshadows, eye-pencils and other things =D -> it´s so much cheaper, with good quality and great selection here *o*

    1. Well ^^" I am a hoarder when it comes to Make-Up *ahahahaha*
      Yup, in Germany we do have so many cheap brands that do have a good quality...can't go away without buying something xD

  3. So you put the table back again at the wall ^^
    It fits much better there (*^^*)b

    Like your room, it's very sunny and friendly <3

    1. Well, I redecorated my room altogether xD The drawer is now beside the bed and the vanity is beside my closet...I thought it would look better that way~

      Thank chuuu <3