Aug 8, 2013

BTSSB - Trick or Treat

Hello sweeties <3

There are news from BTSSB! Although it is not yet Halloween they brought out another halloween themed print. But this time it has a twist as the "creepy" scenery is mixed up with the most adorable characters BTSSB created. Kuma-chan and his friends are having a halloween party ;) Does that count as creepy cute? *haha* But have a look for yourselves~
 The JSK comes in two versions. I have to say I like the left version better as the right version has too many bows and whatnot in the front and I really like the lacing-up detail of the first JSK so much better :) The littel star brooch is also really cute :3
 The print will come out in 4 colorways. I have to say I really love the lavender version (who would have thought? xD) but the brown version is pretty neat as well~
 Cute socks but nothing really special in my opinion. The headbow is typical for the BTSSB headbows. I like the star detail and the lace pretty much though :)
 awesomeness <3 I want it!!!!

 The starclip for the hair and the cape are pure awesomeness <3 <3 <3 I WANT!

What do you think about that print? Would you get it yourself?

Have anice afternoon~



  1. I'm a huge fan of usakumya so I love the dress! *o*

    1. Most of the time I only love Usakumya as the plushie...on prints I am not a big fan but this print is just too cute :3

  2. Ich bin ja nicht so der Fan von JSKs an mir selber (! xD), aber ich glaub ich hab mich gerade in die dunkle Version verliebt. ♥ (Das rechte der ersten beiden Bilder, welches du nicht so magst.)

    1. Ich trag fast ausschlißelich JSK...ich finde immer, dass Röcke an mir absolut seötsam aussehen ^^"