Aug 23, 2013

Princess in a Shoebox - how to create the perfect room for yourself

Hello sweeties <3

As I don't have the biggest room myself and I assume some of my readers also don't have a castle I wanted to show you that even with the smallest of rooms you can do pretty much. But before running out and buying cute stuff without end you should think about how you want the room to look like. Do you want your room to be cute or artsy? Princesslike or more mature? Also it is best to decide on a colortheme before you start to shop at Ikea or the like ;) As I never really had the possibility to decorate a flat/room myself (I lived in the dorm during my university time) this time I decided I would go all out. I wanted the room to look bigger so I decided on white furniture. But as only white looks to sterile I decided to combine it with my favourite color pink and rose themed materials ^^

If you have a small room and still want a double bed it is best to take extendible bed. Actually I wanted a double bed but after planning and talking to friends I thought it would be better to get this bed as you not even can pull it out but it also has 3 dreawers where you can put in many things.
So, after you decided on a "theme"/style for your room you have to decide on how to set up the furniture you will buy ;) To get an idea on what fits in your room you can use special programs. I used the 3D-Roomplaner and was pretty satisfied. For example at the Ikea homepage all the measurements you need to plan are given in the info box below the items. After you planned up everything and maybe some furniture that you wanted had to go you can shop till you drop xD After you got everything and every piece is assembled you can finally put it in place and enjoy what you have planned for weeks :3

 Make sure you get furniture with big stowage. As I have many clothes, dvds...and everything I decided to not only get a closet but also dresser. The dresser can also function as vanity or shelf for various things. I put my jewelery and hair accessories there [I will make a different storing post later ;)].
A good place to store books etc. and also a great room divider is the Expedit shelf. As my room is directly connected to my "kitchen" I was looking for something to divide my room so that I don't have to look directly at my stove ^^" Also it gives structure to the room ^^b I also put my mirror at the side of the shelf~
 The shelf divides my room in "bedroom" and "beautyspace". My closet also has two additional drawers for more clothes.

Besides my closet I put my vanity. I bought this one as you can put another shelf beneath, although there would have been a much cuter vanity.  [I will post a storage post about that later ;)]
 In my tiny flat the "kitchen" was already inside so I had no say in that but there was place for another Expedit - I think it really is a room wonder ^^b For storing your coats without using up space for a wardrobe there are great hangers that you just put on the door ^^b

I hope you like that post :)

Have a nice start into the weekend~



  1. You have a beautiful place *o*
    ha ha Expedit is the best piece of furniture ever =D we have four of them in different sizes and colours and we used to have the big one as well, but it was impossible to move it with us to Germany =/

    1. Thank you ^^ It is tiny but it is all as I wanted it :3
      Expedit is awesome~ You can never have enough Expedit. It is sad that you couldn't take the big one with you to Germany. But they are not so expensive. So you could just buy one here ^^

  2. tolles zimmer *__* du hast die aufteilung echt toll hinbekommen. <3

    1. Danke ^^ Hab auch mehrmals umgeräumt bis es endlich genau so war wie ich das wollte xD

  3. Aww I love your room *__* When I'm moving away from home into my own tiny flat, I wish to decorate my place to be at least almost as beautiful as yours ^^

    1. Thank you so much ^///^ I think every room/flat is beautiful as long as you put something of youself into it :) Just decorate as you like it and it will be perfect~

  4. Dein Zimmer sieht ja klasse aus *___* Sehr schön eingerichtet ;)