Aug 2, 2013

I am Shinji...

Hello sweeties <3

as the title suggests (or maybe not at all xD) I want to talk about something that follows me around for nearly 15 years already. Yes, I am talking about Neon Genesis Evangelion. Once every year I get the urge to watch the series and the movies and once every year I understand a little bit more what the show wants to tell me. I won't go into a deep analysis of the show as there are really good ones on the webz already - what I want to talk about is what the title says: I am Shinji...maybe we all are?

(c) Gainax and Sadamoto Yoshiyuki
I have to say while watching the show I pitied him, I hated him and sometimes he just annoyed me but looking deeper into his character I saw many traits that I also call my own. For example I want to be acknowledge by others, I need people to tell me that I did something good as many others also I don't think that this is all to bad as only through other people we see ourselves BUT relying only on others words and praises makes you dependent. If those words go away nothing is left and you fall into the pit of happend with Shinji in the anime. 

(c) Gainax and Sadamoto Yoshiyuki
Another point is the meaning of the AT field - it symbolizes the barriers between much as we might love or know someone we can't really fully understand another person. Shinji is struggling with this situation pretty much and so do I. As I count myself as a rather socially awkward person most of the time I can't read people to well...I second guess everything I want to say and do pretty often BUT I think this is a struggle everyone has to go through and as hard as it may seem it is only human. Because knowing every tiny bit of another person would drive you crazy...I think End of Evangelion makes a great point there. As convenient as it may be to know everything about everyone it wouldn't really work in my opinion ^^"

(c) Gainax and Sadamoto Yoshiyuki
So, in the end even if I disliked the character he is a mirror of myself - or at least partially ;) Same goes for Asuka who is showing her loneliness in a totally different way~ In the end we are all only searching for a place in this world~

Did you watch Neon Genesisi Evangelion? What did you think about it? Yay or Nay?

Have a nice day~



  1. Totally a YAY!
    NGE is one of my most loved series ever! And I really feel for Asuka. *_*

    I could watch this anime again and again, it has so many catching moments and it's just a... great series! :)

    1. Haha, I heard so many different opinions on EVA through the years that sometimes I myself was not sure if I love the anime xD But in the end it is one of my favourite anime still...not only because I can relate to the characters ;)

      I watch this anime nearly once every year x"D