Jul 31, 2013

Valentines Day

Hello sweeties <3

I already posted about this on my facebook-page but I wanted to share it here as well :) As usual on Monday I checked the Lolit Valentines, thinking of nothing in particular and look what jumped into my sight *points down*

I didn't know if I should cry ot laugh or my week had a pretty rough start and I have been falling into slight depressions recently this pretty much made my day, probably my whole week :) I am glad I have great friends like this~ Don't know what I would do about them. Love you guys~ <3

Have a nice day my dear readers~



  1. Glückwunsch zum Valentine! Auch wenn ich deinen Blog nun noch nicht so lange lese, finde ich, hast du das wirklich verdient. ^-^

    1. Vielen vielen Dank :) Ich freu mich immer so wenn mein geschreibsel gut ankommt ^O^