Jul 4, 2013

Before and After~

Hello sweeties <3

Lately I have been watching so many before and after-makeup videos on Youtube that I also wanted to contribute something. As I am not filming videos (probably ever xD) I want to share it in pictures...I present you me in my "natural" state and all dolled up with make-up and stuff ;)

Okay, for the first pic I put down my glasses so you can see my face in all its glory. The good thing about glasses is that they already cover up some blemishes so I don't look to bad when I go to work etc. Yep, sometimes I am too lazy to do my makeup in the morning xD My Eybrows also look pretty wild normally *haha* And most of the time I look as if I haven't slept in days ^^" All in all I have to say I am really lucky with my skin...don't have to many blemishes etc. Only the usual redness here and there but all in all it is okay :) Still~ I think there is a real big difference with wearing makeup. First of all the factor of self-confidence~ And even though I wouldn't need all this I am still using a face primer/base (Etude House Berry Chou), Concealer (Maybelline FIT Me and Instant Age Effect), Eye Illumination Stick (P2 Open Up your eyes), BB Creme (Lioele Beyond the Solution) and a Correcting Powder (Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Powder in Creamy Natural)...and this is only the base for all the colors xD Yep, I am pretty paranoid when it comes to covering up my "natural" face *haha*

And of course after applying all the colors most of the time I put on a wig as I am not really happy with my hair at the moment as you know (but working on that and already seeing results ^^b)

I really like those kind of before and after pictures. What do you think about that? It is interesting how makeup (and clothes etc.) can change a person~

Have a nice afternoon everyone~



  1. Ich mag so vorher/nachher-Posts immer total gerne. :3
    Und wirklich hübsche Bilder von dir!

    1. Solche Posts sind echt interessant~ Schau das von anderen immer voll gern :)

      Danke <3