Jul 20, 2013

I LOVE Nuremberg

Hello sweeties <3

As you know last weekend I visited my girls in Franconia *sighs* I really want to move back there so I can meet my girls whenever I want without having to travel 3 hours x"D On Saturday we went to the zoological garden in Nuremberg but this post will have to wait as I haven't received the pictures yet ^^" On Sunday me and Schelli went to Nuremberg before we were on our way back home. And I fell in love over and ober again with this great city. In my opinion it has a totally different feel than Stuttgart - I really can't put my finger on the reason why I love Nuremberg so much more but I definitely do *hahaha*

 Beautiful Lorenzkirche (Saint Lorence Church) <3

 Sunshine-Me I love that top...the colors are so vibrant and perfect for summer. And in front of the "Tugendbrunnen" :)

 "Schöner Brunnen" with fake wishing ring ;) The actual ring is on the opposite side and is all black like the rest of the well as so many people already wished on that ring ^^ The golden one is for Tourists ;) On the "Fleischbrücke" with my new awesome and PINK bag :3

Outfit Rundown:
Top: Takko
Camisole: J.Honeys
Shorts: H&M
Socks: Tutuanna
Shoes: An-tai-na
BAg; Robin & Ruth
Wig: Lockshop
Headband: ebay

Hopefulyl I will get the pics of last Saturdays meet-up very soon - I promise I will make an entry about our day in the zoological garden then :)

Have anice day~



  1. Mein liebstes Alice-Chan vor meinem liebsten Starbucks - besser geht's ja wohl kaum xD Nürnberg ist echt toll ^^ Schöne Bilder habt ihr da gemacht (°∀°)b

    1. ^O^ Wir müssen uuunbedingt mal wieder zusammen da hin <3

  2. Tolle Bilder. ^^ Ich finde besonders die Kirche total hübsch. *____*

    1. :) Die Kirche ist auch von innen wirklich schön~