Jul 11, 2013

1 Dress - 2 Styles

Hello sweeties <3

After I scrolled through my Co-Ords I noticed that even though I might have worn the same dress on two different occassions the style and "feel" of the Co-Ord vary a lot. Thus I had the idea to post about how you can style one dress in different ways :) 

Example 1 - Blooming Garden

 The Blooming Garden-JSK is really great for creating different styles as the print offers many different colors. In picture 1 I combined it with light pastel colors and a hat and voila I look like a lady that fell into a pastelpot xD In the 2nd picture I combined the JSK with coral and a dark wig and the whole Co-Ord looks bolder and more vibrant.

Example 2 - Usakumya-chans Stylish sweet time

 The Co-Ord in picture 1 was for the Versailles concert in Cologne so I had to be more practical, thus I chose darker colors to combine with the JSK. Picture 2 is a far lighter version...In my opinion it also looks way more elegant...probably because of the belt I used with it ;)

Example 3 - Gingham Cherry

 Both versions are über-sweet...but the left one looks a little more "grown up". The right pictures is just pure cotton candy in my opinion :3

Example 4 - Sugar Pansy

 More sophisticated and princess-like on the one hand and cute and playfull on the other hand...there are no boundaries to coordinating one dress ;)

You don't need to have a big wardrobe - how you coordinate the pieces you have, is what matters the most :3 Therefore don't be affraid of starting Lolita (or whatever other fashion you fancy)...even with a small collection you can be the greatest Fashionista out there <3

Have a nice day~



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