Jul 2, 2013

LE madness - Me and my Icecream / Pool Side Party / Glamazona / Ticket to Paradise

Hello sweeties <3

As I mentioned in my last post teh new "Me and my icecream"-LE from essence is now in stores. When I saw the promo pictures for the first time I instantly fell in love....I am such a sucker for cute packaging xD In the beginning I was really tempted to buy every single item of the collection but as I am not allowed to buy any more eyeshadows [I have waaaaay to many *coughs] I was a good girl and "only" bought the shimmer pearls, the cream blush, the hand wipes and a lip balm. Although I don't use lip balms to often the design sucked me into buying that ^^" And not only did I get a hold of this LE I also grabbed some other things at dm and douglas :3

Mostly LE Stuff...I really indulged in blushes this time *haha*

Me & My Ice Cream <3
1. 15 Hand wipes "I scream Ice Cream" - Cleanses and refreshes in just one step - for hands and body - perfect to go! what the package says~
2. Blush "Ice Bomb" - A really nice peachy pink and the texture is really nice as it is not as moist as other cream blushes ^^b
3. Shimmer Powder "I-CY U"
4. Lip Balm "Icylicious" - It smells so cotton candy mixed with ice cream *O*

The shimmer pearls are definitely the highlight of this LE. They remind me of the Meteorites shimmer pearls from Guerlain...I don't think that the quality is a match to the brand product though but as I don't have the money to actually buy the Meteorites I am happy with my essence shimmer pearls <3

Catrice Glamazona LE & Essence Ticket to paradise LE
1. Catrice Defining Blush "I'm a survivor" + 2. Catrice Defining Blush "I got the flower!"...the pigmentation of both blushed is just awesome~ Really love both colors...although you can't really see the vibrance because of the crappy picture T^T My camera hates me *sobs*
3. Essence cream eyeshadow  "Dive with me to the Island" - koo-chann allowed me to buy this eyeshadow but only because I still needed a mint one xD

P2 Pool Side Party
1. Mono Blush in "Fresh Peach" - as the name says it is a really nide peachy color. I really like the simple design of the package...reminds me of 80s makeup :)
2. Lash Jewels to make your eyes sparkle - I bought this out of curiosity...we will see what it does xD

Sorry for the rather bad pictures but my camera seems to dislike me at the moment...and so does the light *sighs* But I really wanted to share my gets with you :3 Did you get anything from the latest dm-LEs? Do you have some items you would definitely recommend to others?

Have a nice afternoon <3



  1. The lash jewels sound interesting! I think I'll this product too ^^
    (Bei den Rosen muss ich immer an Kamijo denken xDDD)

    1. They are interesting...kinda hard to apply though xD" But maybe it is just my two left hands *ehehe*
      (Rosen gehören halt zu Kamijo...nicht wahr ;D)