Apr 29, 2013

Japan Day 6 - Hiroshima

Hello sweeties <3

The picture is made out of origami cranes and says peace. There are so many origami cranes everywhere in the park as a prayer that atomic warfare and war itself will stop. Even school classes from other countries put their folded cranes there.

Well, I don't really know how to write about my experiences in Hiroshima. Before my trip my colleague already warned me that visiting the Peace Memorial Park would be tough but I thought "Nah, I can handle that!"...well, I actually couldn't really ^^" It was so sad to see the Atomic Bomb Dome and the exhibition in the museum. The atmosphere in the park/museum was really calm and somehow you could still feel the sadness...I don't know, maybe I just overthought everything ^^" Also compared to all the other big cities in Japan Hiroshima seems rather empty. There are also no really old buildings obviousely...but it is really impressive how this city was rebuild so fast - it shows the strong will of the people living there. It is as if everything in the city is saying "Don't wallow in your sadness, get up and make a fresh and better start!"
One of the many memorials for the innocent people who died in Hiroshima and the Atomic Dome as a reminder of how fearful atomic power is.
The legend says if you fold 1000 cranes with your wish in mind it will come true. Hopefully this wish will too :)
View on the park and museum.
To lift our spirits afterwards we went to the shopping street of Hiroshima and did some karaoke...and man, I have to say I really have to sing more xD Compared to 6 years ago I was sooooooo bad ^^" Later we had special Hiroshima Okonomiyaki *om nom nom*
And we found this guy xD
And my outfit ;)
Dress/Cardigan/Jeans: H&M - Shoes: ABC-Market - Roses: H&M - Headband: Claire's - Necklace: Kumacrafts

I wish you all a nice afternoon. See you in part 7 ;)



  1. Irgendwie verfolgt euch die Krabbe XD Die ist ja überall! Ich sing nur alleine im Auto, da kann mich keiner hören... Is auch besser so *gg*

    1. Die Dinger waren überall...von wegen nur berühmt in Osaka und so XD Die Osaka-Krabbe hat gaaaanz viele Geschwister *hahaha*

      Ach, mit Freunden singen macht total Spaß...da ist es egal wie schief man singt *haha*

  2. Uhh Karaoke <333

    Dein Outfit sieht toll aus. ^^

  3. Ich glaub das nächste mal nach Japan ist für momiji dann aber nur in Kansai und Kyushu - da würde ich gerne mehr sehen. Nach Tokio bräuchte ich dan nicht mehr zwangläufig.