Apr 29, 2013

Japan Day 5 - Killerdeer in Nara

Hello sweeties <3

Sorry for the wait but my weekend was really packed and I didn't have the energy to do a proper post but here is day 5 of my Japan tripe where I roamed around in Nara. To my shame I have to say that before that I only went to Nara once during my exchange year even though I was living in the Nara prefecture...I feel ashamed but only a little xD The first thing you notice about Nara, besides the temples and shrines, that most of the time are being rebuild are the deer...they are everywhere and if you have food they follow you around till the end of the it seems xD If you don't have food and want them to follow you around, no problem, you can buy deer cracker at nearly every corner. And as I thought "wooo, I want to feed them, they are soooo cute!" I bought some crackers...and even though they look cute with their big brown eyes they are Rambo in disguise O.O At first there were only 2, than 3 and later I was chased by a whole flock...seriousely, to get food they bite your backpack, jacket and even stomp on your feet X.x Anyways, I still really like Nara...even with the hordes of tourists and deer xD
Todaiji shrine with the famous 15m Buddha meditating inside :)

Wherever you go in Japan the scenery is just gorgeous <3
Evil on 4 legs xD

Here they still behaved...somewhat XD
The Buddha in Nara is BIG OoO
Still some cherryblossoms left ^^b
Before we had Shabu Shabu in Dotonburi (Osaka) I met Winnie the Pooh <3

And as usual my OOTD:
Dress/Tights: H&M - Cardigan: C&A - Shoes: Deichmann - Wig: Lockshop - Beret: Meta - Accessories: Bijou Brigitte

This was our last day staying at our hotel in Osaka. On Day 6 we travelled to Hiroshima and also saw different side of Japan. So stay tuned for the next part of my Japan report ;)



  1. Sehr hübsch!! ^^
    Haha, die Rehe xD Aber süß!^^

    1. Danke :)
      Die Viecher sind garstig >.< EIns ist mir echt so krass auf den Fuß gesprungen weil es nommen wollte...aber niedlich schauen die schon aus XD

  2. Das Beret steht dir echt gut ^^ Gut, dass du es mitgenommen hast *g*
    Und Pooooh <3 *Pooh anlieb* ich mag Pooh <3

    1. Ich liebe dieses Beret *_* Und es war auch runtergesetzt...ich musste es einfach nehmen *haha*

      Pooh ist tollig <3