Apr 24, 2013

Japan Day 1 - Namba here I come :3

Hello sweeties <3

Finally I was able to sort out the pictures for Day 1 and 2 *haha* So here we go with my Japan report ;) As you know our flight left Frankfurt on April 6th and after 12 looooong hours we arrived in Narita in the morning of April 7th. There we took our first picture in front of the "Welcome to Japan" every good tourist should *haha* We were really really exhausted.
Than we had to wait in line to get inside the country for around 90 minutes...I actually don't really remember but it was loooong X.x After this hurdle was taken we had to get our Japan Railpasses...and again we had to wait pretty long *sighs* Finally finished we had to take the slow train to get to Tokyo as the Narita Express was cancelled because of "strong winds"...we were starting to doubt our luck at that time xD

But our journey for that day did not stop in Tokyo as we booked the hotel for the first 5 nights in after arriving in Tokyo, we searched the next Shinkansen bound for Osaka and 3 hours later we could finally take a shower in our hotel xDDD
The room was pretty small but it had a bathtub *O*
After getting some rest we decided we wanted to have something to eat so we went to Namba to see what we could get. As soon as we stepped onto the Namba Walk I felt so at home...during my exchange year I went there nearly every weekend *hihi* It was soooo nostalgic *_*
In Japan you HAVE to take pictures of your food ;)
Namba Walk <3
Happy to be in Osaka again :)

This is what I wore~
 Dress/Tights: H&M - Shoes: Deichmann - Cardigan: C&A - Wig: Lockshop - Headband: H&M

And as you know me I also bought something *hehe*
Liz Lisa Magazine with cute bag and the latest Kera~
Stay tuned for the next parts of my Japantrip ;)



  1. Die perfekte Fotokulisse für das erste Foto *lol!*

    1. Aber sowas von...aber hey, das ding ist fast das erste was man sieht wenn man in Japan ankommt xD

  2. Wirklich tolle Bilder und ich finde die Fotos von dir auch echt hübsch. <3

    1. Vielen vielen Dank :) Hab noch viele andere Bilder :3

  3. Yummi, das Essen sieht gut aus *__* Aber was ist das denn? XD
    Auf dem Close Up-Foto siehst duirgendwie uuunglaublich erwachsen aus ^^

    1. Das ist *überlegt* Ebidon...also reis mit Garnele oben drauf :3

      Irgendwie schon...voll gruselig, ne xD