Apr 26, 2013

Japan Day 4 - Red Tôri everywhere...

Hello sweeties <3

...and without further talking here is day 4. We already decided that we did not want to do so much because the last two days were so hard on our feet and so we went to Fushimi Inari...and in my memory it wasn't so hard to climb up there BUT the last time I went there we only went halfway ^^" Boy, was I wrong! This time we went all the way up and at some points we thought that there cannot be more red tôri...but they kept on coming xD Well, the scenery was gorgeous and we enjoyed every step of the way...still, sometimes we really doubted ourselves if we took a wrong turn to Tôri-Wonderland or something ^^" Anyways, we also decided on a plan to get rich *haha* As all the red Tôri are some kind of goodluck charm to get you wealth and they come in many sizes we decided to start small and later get bigger tori for bigger money...problem is, in the end we didn't buy one of the small souvinir-tôri *ehehehe* 
After coming back from the "mountains" we went to have Kaiten Sushi...and it was sooooo delicious. Nothing compared to the sushi you can get in Germany X.x To conclude the day we went to the Sky Building in Osaka and enjoyed the view...and also my quest for love began as I bought my first Omikuji (fortune paper) and prayed at the shrine xD"

The guardian of the shrine :)
Tôri everywhere O.O Still amazed about that even though it was the second time I went there ^^"
You can get them in all sizes~
Big and small~
A nice resting spot :)
You can write your wish on the back and create your own funny face...I think these are really cute :3
The top of the mountain is near *yay*
Kitsune (fox spirit) everywhere xD
Beautiful view on Kyoto~
Umeda Skybuilding in Osaka - the German Christmasmarket is held here and also the consulate has its office here ^^
My beloved Osaka from high above <3

And my outfit for climbing the mountain XD
Shirt/Cardigan: H&M - Shorts: Orsay - Boots: New Yorker - Beret: Metamorphose - Necklace: Kumacrafts - Tights: H&M

I will probably upload Day 5 and 6 tomorrow so stay tuned <3

Have a nice day <3



  1. Der Ausblick ist toll :) Vom "Berg" runter, sowie auch der vom Osaka bei Nacht <3