Sep 4, 2013

Tiny haul~

Hello sweeties <3

It feels like ages since I did my last haul, so I thought it is time to do one again ;) And although I was going through the city with the intetion to get some new glasses I did everything but buying glasses *haha* Well, I found some cute ones but unfortunately I forgot the prescription I recevied from the I have to go back again with the prescription and try again *ahahaha* Anyways, I wouldn't be me if I would come home empty handed. Here is what I got...instead of glasses ^^"

Essence Pure Skin Pore Refining Serum - because I have big pores and Koo-chan recommended this to me :)
Balea Professional Silberglanz Shampoo - Maybe the color will come out of my hair faster with this shampoo...for 1,45 EUR it is worth a shot~
Balea Beauty Effect Day Fluiy SPF 15 - This should help remove tiny wrinkles you get from laughing etc. As I am not getting younger I thought it is worth a try. For 3,45 EUR it is worth a shot, right?
Balea Cell Energy Night Elixer - Regernerates the skin with PhytocellTec...well, wasn't to expensive either. We are not getting younger here *coughs*
Balea Erdbeer Momente Showergel - It smells so delicious like strawberries <3 Need there be another reason? ;)
Nivea In-Dusch Body Milk Travel Size - I already have the big bottle and so far I really like it (review coming soon) and I thought for travelling this tiny bottle is just perfect :)

Essence Oktoberfest LE paper lashes - at first I was hesitant but than Koo-chan persuaded me to get them :)
Catrice Eve in Bloom LE Highlighter - you can never have enough highlighters XD The package was just to cute and the color is so gorgeous. 
Catrice Defining Blush Duo - I think this is going out of the selection and I got it for only 1,45 EUR. Love the color and pigmentation and don't know why it is going out of line ^^"
Artdeco Dite van Teese LE setting powder in 01 - the shop I bought this in is closing down soon and they sold everything for 50%. So I got the powder for only 12 EUR. After my Rimmel Transperent powder is empty soon I am trying out new powders that can match my holy grail *sighs*

Catrice Eve in Bloom LE Highlighter
Catrice Defining Blush Duo
Yankee Candle Minis
Summer Scoop smells delicious like fruit tea or strawberry icecream
Vanilla Cupcake smells as the name suggests ;)
Red Velvet is just pure love *_*
Paradise Spice...hard to describe but delicious scent <3

Okay, that haul wasn't that tiny at all ^^" Do you like scented candles? What are your favourites?

Have a nice afternoon~



  1. Die Kerzen haben so gut geduftet *.*
    *dir welche moppsen tut*fufufu*

    1. Noooooin~ die gibts doch im Karstadt in Nbg <3 Da gibts gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanz viele verschiedene *nick nick* *kerzen in sicherheit bringt*