Sep 6, 2013

Royal Crown's Tea Package Series - AATP

Hello sweeties <3

There are news from Alice and the Pirates. The brand is preparing for the colder months and their new print just screams for a very british teaparty with scones and milk tea ;) This time there are three different JSKs, a skirt, a barret, a hat and some adorable pieces for Ouji. I am not really interested in the skirt version as I am a JSK person but I would love to see the the Ouji stuff on Elia Ember <3 <3 <3 It would suit her so well~

 There are 4 different colorways and I have to say this time I love all of them *_* Although I would go for the red or magenta colorway if I were to buy one of the JSKs :) But I have to say the fabric reminds me of the traditional tartan that is used for kilts in Scotland...I wonder which house these colorways might represent ;)

 JSK Version 1 - The top part reminds me of a uniform. I really like it and I think it is made of some kind of velvety fabric. Also the bttons are just plain gorgeous *_*

 JSK Version II - This design is a little bit cuter and although I like the first JSK a little bit more design wise I would probably get this version as it just screams my name :3

 Royal Crown JSK - this JSK has only one colorway and the design is more mature than the other designs. Really love the simplicity of this JSK but rather than wearing it myself I would love to see that on other people ;)

 WANT *O* !!!!!! Need I say more?

 Soooo adorable *_*

The skirt has two parts. Above the normal skirt there is some kind of wrap that should remind us of the scottish kilts...well, it reminds me of that anyways xD I think this is a nice idea~

What do you think about this new print? Yay or Nay? Do you have any recent prints you are lusting after at the moment?

Have a nice afternoon!


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