Sep 11, 2013

Blushes over blushes~

Hello sweeties <3

As you know this weekend I went to Nuremberg again and as it always goes when I am around Koo-chan we can't help ourselves and go shopping. This time I focused on blushes and this is what I got *points down*

Well, I also bought some "supplies" that I urgently needed like Q_zips and cotton pads to remove make-up. I also got some balea makeup whipes and a new blush brush. I bought the one from Ebelin as the bristles are so so soft *O* And I got myself the alverde cream to powder concealer that Koo-chan recommended to me in the color ivory. I already tested it and I love it pretty much. The consistancy is really nice and for once it is not too dark for my skintone *yay*

I also bought a backup because you never know ;) The package is really cute es well...simple but cute~

Maybelline Blush in Flash Plum - really nice color for autumn and winter. This is my first Maybelline Blush *haha*
Catrice Defining Blush in Pinkerbell - was running arount that one for a pretty long time and finally got it. It is a bright pink as the name suggests ;)
Essence Oktoberfest LE Blush - I finally succumbed to the cute design ^^"

...and Yves Saint Laurant Blush in Pink Bloom that I got for only 18 EUR instead of 39 ^^v The color is so nice and the texture feels so great *_* Can't wait to wear it for the first time~

Pinkerbell - Flash Plum - YSL Pink Bloom

Essence Oktoberfest LE Blush

What do you think about those products? Did you get some of them yourself? What is a brand you really want to try?

Have a nice afternoon~



  1. Hi^^

    Ich finde alle Produkte toll. Zumindest von den Bildern und deinem Schreiben. Von Alverde habe ich noch Make up ausprobiert. Aber ich habe auch nen Catrice defining blush und der ist nicht schlecht <3 Habe ihn in der Farbe Rose Royce. Allerdings bin ich auf der Suche nach nen suessen Rosa.. Der Von Yves Saint Laurant wuerde mir auch gefallen. Vielleicht krieg den ja mal :3
    Die Farbe ist so cuuute *love*

    LG, Jade

    1. Hiho ^^

      Also ich bin momentan auch begeistert von allen Sachen :3
      Alverde hat manchmal ziemlichen Mist aber manchmal auch echt gute Sachen~
      Ja, der Blush von YSL war ein echter Glücksgriff...zaubert nen schön frischen Teint *_*