Oct 2, 2013

Empties September~

Hello sweeties <3

I wanted to to a post like that for the longest time and now I finally did it *yay* Most of the time I just throw everything I used up away as soon as I finish it but in September I finally remembered to keep the package until the end of the month *muahahahaha* So here we go :)

Nivea In-Dusch Body Milk: I used it up so fast and already bought a second bottle. As I am really lazy after taking a shower I don't want to spend a lot of time with applying bodybutter and than wait for it to soak into my skin. This Body Milk not only helps to make my really dry skin soft and smooth but you can put it on in seconds - use it like a shower gel and you are done. Also I love the typical Nivea scent <3

Balea Bluberry Shampoo (Limited Edition): I tried many many shampoos, high end and low end, and so far the Balea onese are the best for my calp and hair. This one ws Limited Edition so I probably won't find it again but I already have another Balea shampoo that I love pretty much. Hopefully it will be featured in my next empties post ;)

Yves Rocher Strawberry Showergel: I love the smell but probably won't buy it again as I have plenty more showergels that I am using more often. 

Balea Young Lovely Spring Shower gel (Limited Edition): Yep, I was trying to use up my tiny travel sized showergels I have all over the place xD This one I already bought in April and it smelled really nice.

Rituals Yogi Flow Shower Foam: I LOVE IT! It smells incredible and the skin feels so great after using it <3 I will definitely re-buy it :3

Bioderma Sensibio Solution Micellaire: I bought it in April and it lasted my until the beginning of September. Even though it is more expensive it is totally worth the money. At the moment I am using the L'Oreal "Dupe" but if I finish that I am definitely going back to Bioderma :)

L'Oreal Perfect Clean Wahsing gel: I finally used it up. Not the biggest fan of this one. Used it mostly in the morning or when I didn't find my Baking Powder from Etude House. Won't buy it again as it was too aggressive for my face from time to time.

Soap & Glory Scrub your nose in it: I am sad that this one is empty. I loved it so so so much. Really helped with my black spots...unfortunately it was discontinued before I could get a back-up T^T

Yves Rocher 3 Minutes Face mask: Scent was okay but otherwise it didn't do anything for me. Won't buy that again.

Fa Fantasy Moments Deodorant: I was sucked in by the cute design and the nice scent :3 At the moment I am only using CD deodorants so I don't know if I will re-buy it. But if you like sweet scents this is definitely for you :3

Balea Beauty Effect Hyaluron Booster: Actually I don't really know if it does anything against wrinkles but I already bought a back-up. At least my skin feels smooth after applying it so that is definitely a plus already :3

Do you have any empties this month? What do you re-buy over and over again? Any recommendations?

Have a nice afternoon~



  1. Oh man... Das Loreal Teil hatte ich auch. Also das Perfect clean. Und war gar nicht zu Frieden :/ Es hat gar nichts geholfen und meine Haut wurde einfach nur trocken davon... Ich kann nicht verstehen, dass ich doll genug war es auch noch leer zu machen lol

    Liebe Gruesse :)


    1. Japp, das Loreal Dingsi war echt net so gut...ich bin gottfroh, dass ich es aufgebraucht habe xD ich kann ja so schwer noch halbvolle sachen wegwerfen *haha*

    2. Das Scrub your nose in it gibt es nicht mehr in Deutschland? Also hier gibt es das noch.
      Sorry, faellt mir grad so ein lol