Jul 1, 2017

Anime Review: 正解するカド - KADO - The right answer


...and sorry for neglecting this blog the last month. Still have loads of anime to review but as it so happens I have to postpone the ones I have already planned again because of the one anime that disappointed me so much this season. Let's talk about...

正解するカド: KADO - The right answer (spring 2017)

(c) FUNimation Entertainment, Toei Animation

What would happen if humanity gets offered objects that would speed up the human evolution rapidly? Endless energy and endless possibilities? Yaha kuiZashunina brings up exactly those questions after landing his giant cube called KADO at Haneda airport, enclosing a plane in the process. Naturally everyone thinks this is an alien invasion but is this really all it is?

(c) FUNimation Entertainment, Toei Animation
STORY: 2/10
Writing too much about the story would give away too much but to give a proper review there might be SPOILERS ahead. You are warned ;D

Actually I would have given the story 10/10 points...until episode 9 that is. It started really strong, asked questions about really important things like "What would humanity do. in the face of rapid change? Would we take the leap or be too afraid to change the status quo? Are we willing to make sacrifices for a greater goal?". And it did really good in exploring those questions in depth until episode 9 when it started to fall apart. After that it reverted to something so generic that it already hurt. Turning everything that was already established upside down and jumping the shark during the last episode. They destroyed the story so much that in the end the only possible conclusion for the writers was a deus ex machina ending. What started as a deep story ended with a forced lovestory and the worst conclusion ever. In the end nothing really changed, the questions asked in the beginning were not really explored. Oh, and we had to force a villain in so hard. A story about 1st contact, trying to understand each other and moving forward in the process ended in literally nothing. For me, the most promising story turned into the most disappointing one. [Side-note: rantpost about this anime coming up soon xD]

Me right now:
(c) FUNimation Entertainment, Toei Animation
Same thing as with the story...until episode 9 everything was fine. Didn't like Saraka much but she wasn't that important BUT with episode 9 the character development was destroyed in one swoop. I mean ppl, until now you trusted zaShunina without doubting him too much and suddenly he is turned into the almighty evil? Srsly, you thought he didn't have an agenda? Did anyone even try to understand him...I thought they did because of the whole negotiator-thing but I was wrong. Of course. an alien entity doesn't have the same values as humanity because it is not human *head desk* But hey, as long as we gain sth we don't complain...only after we have to give sth in return. Argh~ and what about this forced lovestory? Should have seen that coming because main-hero and female lead ALWAYS get together. *rant* As some ppl on crunchyroll already pointed out, I also think that the sole character of Saraka destroyed the show. She didn't fit in from the start. Every character seemed really deep but from the start she stuck out like a sore thumb for me. Generic would describe her character best. And following her lead every interesting character was reduced to a shadow of themselves starting from episode 9. And the 5 points are only because I am Team zaShunina *nuff said*

(c) FUNimation Entertainment, Toei Animation
ART: 10/10
The one redeeming quality of this show. At first it takes getting used to but soon you just love to see it. Not much more to add here ;)

(c) FUNimation Entertainment, Toei Animation
MUSIC: 9/10
Okay, another redeeming quality. Love the opening and ending theme. Also the music fits the scenes pretty well and doesn't feel out of place.

"Why so high?" you might ask? Three reasons: The art, the music and Yahakui zaShunina. If not for that I would have given 0 points. I am so disappointed T-T At first the show throws sentences like "Every big change that brings us forward needs sacrifices." and in the end it pulls back what it said, turns it around and takes a step back even. Human dignity? In my opinion it is not just being proud of the evolution done only by humans (because this is bs if you ask me) but it includes being open-minded, not fearing change and reaching out to others and at times taking a helping hand even though this hand is given with hidden motives. Quid pro quo, equivalent trade...ever heard of that? Also, ppl if you trust someone without knowing all the motives you can only blame your decisions and not put the blame only on the other party. Oh, and worst deus ex machina EVER!!! Argh~ sorry for this rather emotional post m(_._)m If you still want to watch the show and build your own opinion you can do so on crunchyroll as always ;)


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