Mar 25, 2013

Douglas Haul

Hello sweeties <3

I have another haul for you :) On Friday I not only went to H&M but also to Douglas and dm and as always I couldn't resist buying some things ^^" BUT I was strong and didn't buy eyeshadows this time *hahaha*

Here is what I got~
I finally got myself a Douglascard and received the my Douglas-Magazine for free and 10% off of my purchase *yay*
I LOOOOVE Soap and Glory :3 And as I am on a neverending quest to smaller pores I had to get this peeling. I already tested it 3 days and so far I totally love it *_* I also got mints in this cute vintage packaging <3 I love those kind of designs~

Couldn't resist to buy something from the Summer Attack LE by P" and finally my first NYX Blush <3 And a highlighter from The Color Institute.

NYX Blush in Cinnamon...all the blushes I bought so far are more of a cold red...I think the new color is perfect for summer :3 And for the highlighter I was a victim of the cute design...I just couldn't resist buying it ^^"

*O* Sooooooo~ cute~ <3 <3 <3
 030 - Jungle Juice from LE Summer Attack - So far I mostly used lighter and nude colors for my lips but with my rather fair skin I think this color will look really good :3 And with my newly colored black hair it has something of Snow least ibn my head it does xD

NYX Blush in Cinnamon, the Highlighter (if you look closely you can see the shimmer...maybe xD") and the Lipstick.
 And new nail polishes xD I was looking for the gold crackling polish a really long time and I finally found it. The pink one is from the new P2 gel polish range and I am a bit dissapointed as it is just a regular polish >.< And the Essence one is just so spring :3 Needed a color like that~

What kind of beauty products did you recently get for yourself? Do you have any recommendations for me?

Have a nice afternoon~



  1. Wirklich hübsche Sachen, besonders der Bush mit dem Pinsel finde ich super-süß. Was kostet der denn?

    1. Danke :)

      Der Blush/Highlighter mit den Herzchen kostet 9,95EUR...aber als Blush sieht man ihn gar net...ich benutze ihn als Highlighter :) Gibts aber glaub nicht mehr in allen Douglas-Filialen...wir haben den auch nur auf nem Aufsteller gefunden und es war der Vorletzte ^^"