Mar 22, 2017

Anime Review: Super Lovers

Hellow people,

It is already one week since the 2nd season ended but I only now got the time to give you my opinion on the anime (season 1 & 2). So here we go:

SUPER LOVERS (2016-2017) [Studio Deen]

(c) Studio Deen

So far Super Lovers consists of 2 seasons and 1 OVA as far as I remember. I will be only talking about the 1st and 2nd season, not about the OVA. 16-year old Kaidou Haru is called back to Canada to his mother who supposedly is on the verge of death. Upon arriving Haru notices that this all was a ruse and he now has to take care of his newly adopted brother Ren. As Ren is not the most social of kids Haru has a hard time dealing with him but in the end the brothers form a strong bond and make a promise that when Haru finishes school they will live together...BUT this never happens as shortly after returning to Japan, Haru looses his memories in a car accident. 5 years pass and Ren comes to Japan to fulfill the promise they made...and Haru still doesn't remember.

(c) Studio Deen
STORY: 7/10
The story is nice but also your typical Shonen-Ai stuff. They literally packed every cliche into this anime that the BL-genre has to offer. Starting from the loss of memories over the stoic (but yet lovable) Uke until the "If it wasn't for..."-Thinking. But nevertheless the story kept me hooked and I was really excited for the next episode. I have to say though that I grew frustrated after each episode of Haru and Ren misunderstanding each other *head desk* Like srsly, how long can it take to get your feelings across? O.o

(c) Studio Deen
I liked the characters but again there was cliche-overload - cheery protective older brother with a tragic past and younger brother who didn't know love arriving at his new family...weeellll~, yeah. And what is with the constant misunderstanding between Haru and Ren? Everyone around them understood their relationship from the stupid can you be? *argh* But even though the characters were stereotypical I grew to love them quite a lot. Especially Ren grew onto me with his lack of common sense. Try asking your school nurse about sex between guys with a straight face ;D

(c) Studio Deen
Art: 8/10
Nothing much to say her. I certainly was no masterpiece but it was nice to look at. *coughs* Bishonen *coughs* Hosts *coughs*

(c) Studio Deen
This show is by far no masterpiece and sometimes it makes you so frustrated that you can't handle it anymore but it was really nice to watch and I really hope for another season. The characters might be stereotypical and the story might be packed with cliches but if you want a cute lovestory with funny moments Super Lovers is for you. You can watch both seasons on crunchyroll.

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