Jun 27, 2014

Safe Haven

Hello sweeties <3

Do you have some place or item that you can call your safe haven? Recently I have been thinking a lot about mysalf, the world surrounding me and also how the world sees me. And let me tell you, the world mostly doesn't see you as who you really are. Most of the time people only want to believe what they think is right - they stop judging objectively. Mind you, I am no exception myself - I try to see the world in an objective light but in the end I take a side and think what I want to think, not what actually IS. But long story short, I don't like what I see in this world and thus I "retire" to my safe haven more often recently...and some of you might have already guessed what a safe haven for me is ;)
(Some people might think I just wrote the introduction to show the video...and they might be right ;D) Everytime I listen to Kamijo I feel good and happy...with his music he creates a world of mysteries where I can dream my silly little dreams. Still, I am aware that this is just me running away from reality from time to time - still after listening to his music the world doesn't seem that bad anymore ^^

So, this was my little rant...probably just to promote Kamijo's latest PV ;)

Have a nice day <3



  1. Hey^^

    Och, schöner Song >.< Ein Lied, in dem ich mich verlieren könnte, ist Cage von Dir en Grey..vllt. kennst du es? ^^" Muss es nun direkt hören xD..
    Es ist toll, dass es solche Lieder gibt :)

    Liebe Grüße! ^_^

    1. Huhu :)

      ich liebe diesen Song und ich liebe Kamijo <3
      Ohne solche Lieder wären manche Sachen nicht zu ertragen *seufz*

      Ich geh gleich mal nach Cage schauen...hab das grad so gar nicht auf dem Radar ^^"

      Wünsche dir einen schönen Sonntag <3