Mar 17, 2014

My Perfumecollection~

Hello sweeties <3

I have another video for you :3 I finally came around editing it *yay* It is my perfume collection :3 I know that compared to other Make-Up- and Beauty "Gurus" my collection is ratherv tiny but actually a normal person probably only needs one or 2 perfumes max...I have a round 15 *hahaha*

I think I am actually getting pretty good at doing the whole video-stuff...don't you think? I still have many things to learn though...but I am not as nervous anymore as I was in the beginning ^^b

As spring is now finally here I tried to wear as many pastels as possible *hihi* Also every time I wear that hat I want to travel to the Mediterranean Sea somehow *hahaha*

Hope you had a great weekend :)

Have a nice start into this week <3



  1. Du siehst in dem Outfit einfach atemberaubend aus *A* Echt klasse <3

  2. Ich mag deinen Rock so sehr. <3

    1. Das ist ein Kleid ;) Und es ist die Liebe <3