Feb 10, 2013

My Lolita Evolution [Picture Heavy]

Hello sweeties <3

After nearly 3 years of wearing Lolita I decided to do my Evolution. I saw that on many blogs already and really like to see how people evolved their style within the years. So I thought, maybe my readers also like to see this kind of things and here it is - my Lolita Evolution :)


In 2010 I was really thinking that Gothic or Calssic Lolita would be the style for me. I loved looking at all the sweet dresses but my self-esteem wasn't yet high enough to wear them myself. I thought I would stick to the more mature styles forever ;) 

July - August - September
October - November

In 2011 I started out with a more Classic Style but at some point I realized that not othet people make me feel pretty but I do that myself...so I started to wear what I really wanted. I also started to use hairpieces and made more elaborate hairdos with them :)
February - March - April
 May - May - June
June - June - July
July - August - August
September -October - October
November - December - December


In 2012 I evolved my style further...at least I hope that I did xD I cut my hair, got myself some wigs to do many different styles even with my hair cut. I got many many dreamdresses and I also wore my very first OTT (over the top) Sweet Co-Ord <3
 January - January - February
March - March - April
June - June - July
August - September - September
October - November - December
December - December

The year just started and I am still trying to improve my style with every new Co-Ord I am putting together...I hope I can wear even more awesome Outfits in the future ^^
January - January

Thanks for looking until the end ;) For me, the style I am having now is nearly perfect. There are things that I want to do better and things that I want to buy to make my wardrobe complete but I finally found my style and I love it :)

Have a nice day <3


  1. Wirklich hübsch wie du dich mit dem Stil immer weiter entwickelt hast. Ich finde deine Outfits heute sehr hübsch und der Stil steht dir sehr gut. ^^

    1. Danke :)

      Ich mag meinen Stil im Moment auch sehr gern aber es gibt ja immer Platz für Verbesserung~

  2. Hach, ich beneid dich ja schon bissl XD Ich weiß ja, wie schnell du fertig aufgerüscht bist. Bei mir dauert das irgendwie immer Ewigkeiten. Deshalb mach ich es ja auch seltener. Was mir besonders auffällt ist, dass du mit den Jahren auch ganz andere Posen für die Fotos annimmst. Sie wirken trotz Sweet Lolita eleganter. Jedenfalls empfinde ich das so ^^''

    Freu mich schon wenn wir uns wieder zusammen aufrüschen <3


    1. Ach~ das ist alles Übung :) Jetzt bin ich auch net mehr so schnell wenn ich mir die Haare noch zurechtstecken muss xD Und Gesicht anmalen dauert auch weng länger im Moment *hihi*

      Das mit den Posen ist mir so gar net aufgefallen...bin wahrscheinlich einfach ausgereifter geworden im Posen xDDD

      Ich freu mich auch schon total <3 Bald können wir uns wieder zusammen aufrüschen *flausch*

  3. Krass wie die Zeit vergeht. oO
    Ich finds toll dass ich es fast von Anfang an mitbekommen hab. \(^^)/
    Wenn ich mir das so anschaue... Dann würd ich sagen mein Lieblingsoutfit an Dir ist das vom Shinnenkai. ^^

    1. Echt ne O.O Hab ich mir auch gedacht als ich die Bilder zusammengesucht habe xD Und mein Stil hat sich ja vom Anfang bis heute total verändert xD

      Das Outfit ist schlicht aber macht doch was her...ich mags auch voll gern ^^

  4. It's nice and interesting to see all these pictures combined <3
    I really think sweet is your type of style; not only does it match your features, but also your cutie-wootie personality. I still think classic looks good on you too though ^^
    But I think the more 'natural' make-up looked better on you than the direction you're heading in at the moment x:
    From the outfits I like the latest co-ords you showed here a lot better than uh the middle ones where you were experimenting a lot (and I don't mean OTT is bad!). Your style has settled down a bit and it got calmer again, I like <3

    1. Thank chuuu <3 Well, it took some hours to put all of the up because Blogger was crashing the format all the time ^^"
      Took me a long time to get myself to wear sweet though asmy self-esteem was...well, not anywhere to be found, as we all know xDDD From time to time I really enjoy wearing Classic also but i want to wear Sweet as long as my face allows it *hahaha*

      Makeup-Addict I am now I like colorful faces at the moment...and I want to try many kinds of makeup-styles...I had natural far to lang xDDD Buhut~ even with so much makeup at the moment I still love all the nude paletts ^^" Anyways...I will not go panda again like some years ago xD"

      And thanks again <3 I also love my latest outfit if its okay for me to say that xD" I think I have found my style...or at least the direction I want to take *gnahahahaha*